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Why DreamPartner?

Everyone has dreams. Dreams are vital for every person's development.

DreamPartner works in Marneuli/Georgia in order to give people a chance to develop themselves to realize their dreams. DreamPartner wants to be a partner for those who desire to develop their abilities. Its purpose is to be a blessing for many. Get to know more about us on About us.

Opportunities for YOU

Every person is special, and every person is gifted.
You may develop your talents. Get active. 

We offer courses for:

  • English, German and Korean 
  • Piano
  • Computer and time management (on demand)

Have a closer look and learn about your opportunities to take a Course.

Further, we serve the community with free clubs and activities such as:

  • After-school English clubs (in cooperation with teachers and schools)
  • Work with special need people (crafts and table-tennis for the hearing impaired)
  • Art and handicraft
  • Guitar classes run by short-term volunteers
  • Participation in city/town events
  • Sports activities