English conversation group for women

If you already have learned some English and you desire to practice your knowledge, then this group is for you. Our English teacher offers English conversation in the relaxing atmosphere of a home. Come and let's have some afternoon tea together.

German language classes

If you are interested to learn German then you are welcome to join our German class. Our teacher comes from Germany and provides classes for beginners level A1. If you are more than 2 people higher levels can be taught on request.

English classes for kids and teens

If you are interested in the English language and want to learn it with much fun and action – then you are right in our English class. 

With games, songs and through a lot of conversation you can learn basic topics for daily life. You can learn to introduce yourself and your family and ask others about this.

You can learn how to ask for directions, items for daily life, what you can say if you want to buy something and much more! 

English clubs for school kids 

You are an English teacher in a public school and searching for ways to expose your students to more spoken English? Call us, we are happy to provide English Clubs for your students. These clubs are free of charge and are provided by young international volunteers.

Please call us to talk about the details!

Korean language for beginners

We are glad to be able to provide Korean classes for interested people (both children and young adults). Our native Korean teacher loves not only to teach the language but also is giving an insight into the rich Korean culture.