DreamPartner - who we are

NGO in Georgia

A Non-profitable Organization in the Republic of Georgia

DreamPartner is a non-profit legal entity founded in February 2014 according to the Georgian Civil Code based on the membership system.


Important Values

  • DreamPartner values the uniqueness of each individual and his dreams.
  • DreamPartner stands for the respect of each individual regardless of their social background, religion, race, nationality, culture and gender.
  • DreamPartner seeks to improve the welfare of the communities in which we operate.
  • DreamPartner works to establish peace in the homes and communities where we operate.
  • DreamPartner stands for enabling people to use/develop talents.
  • DreamPartner works in cooperation with other organizations with similar values and aims.
  • DreamPartner works on the foundation of biblical values. All decisions are made according to those important values and these values are expressed through DreamPartner's activities.


What DreamPartner wants to see being done

DreamPartner wants to help individuals to:

  • Discover dreams
  • Discover life's purposes
  • Develop dreams
  • Develop strategies to reach goals
  • Offer practical help to reach those goals


Possible DreamPartner's activities

  • Supporting international/multi-ethnic relationships
  • Working under the direction of cultural and educational issues
  • Work with mass media
  • Environmental work
  • Human rights work
  • Rehabilitation

DreamPartner does those activities by providing various courses, seminars, training, and different kinds of aid. Besides that, it is important for DreamPartner to be present in the community through social work, cultural events and other activities.