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Benefits of visiting a course: 

1. Personal benefits 

To learn something in a course of DreamPartner is for personal growth, as the participants explore and expand their own dreams and goals, purposes, desires and opinions. It broadens the own horizon in a personal way. Besides learning a subject in a small class environment social abilities (soft skills) will be exercised. As the teachers at DreamPartner are mostly foreigners the students have the chance to get to know a culture, that is unknown to them. The adventure of learning with DreamPartner encourages its students for an open mindset, an attitude to overcome obstacles, and a spirit of problem-solving and self-confidence.


2. Educational and career benefits 

The curious and optimistic mind never sleeps. There is always something new to learn. Learning at DreamPartner does not mean to just accumulate information. To learn with Dreampartner provides information that may be very different from what people would learn at other locations. It might open opportunities to obtain jobs with foreign and local companies, humanitarian organizations, government offices, and foreign embassies. There is even the chance to use developed skills abroad later.


3. The cost

DreamPartner provides free activities, however, our courses come with a price, because we have to pay for class materials and also for costs like electricity, natural gas, internet etc. But don't worry we are a none-profit-organization, we have very modest prices because we want everyone who wants to learn to be able to sign up for our courses. At the moment we charge as low as 30 Lari per month per person. In addition, you might have to pay for a textbook required during the course. The fee has to be paid to DreamPartners bank account. 

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